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AMAC sarl - audio - sound - video - lighting


Instituted in 1979, AMAC s.a.r.l., has held an immense amount of experience over the years through the provision of total entertainment and educational solutions compromising of audio-visual systems, lighting and control. For more than three decades, we have been the source of turn-key projects in the industry within Lebanon, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. We pride ourselves in delivering the most reputable international brand names in the field.

Amac sari designs, develops, and implements a full range of sound, lighting, video and educational products by aiming to fit the need and comfort of all entities across the lines of business. Light and sound are the essential senses that we tend to experience most in any environment we are put in. Therefore, our passion is to manipulate these elements in ce11ain aspects depending on the surroundings to try and perfect the dynamic reach and influence of audio visuals on any respective audience. As we all know these two components are a direct power in any situation that can alter our mood and even our well-being.

We cannot attain any of the goals mentioned previously without the dedication, commitment and interpersonal skills that we promise our clients; implementation of high worth projects, high level of expertise and finally the quality of delivery. Moreover, Amac s.a.r.l.. has built a sturdy foundation for continuous growth and progression across the region, as a result we have insured our loyalty and have branded our reputation in the highest level of business in the field of audio and sound.

Immense Amount of Experience Over the Years

Our Solutions

AMAC’s cutting edge technological know-how and its access to equipment from some of the best known international  brands, for many of which it has exclusive regional representation rights, places it at the forefront of its field. Our staff, Armed with long years of on-the-field experience and kept  continuously up to date on the latest technologies, is capable  of designing and installing professional sound, video and  projection, and lighting solutions – our expertise allows us to  realize projects of any size, any level of complexity, and any  degree of sophistication.

Pro Audio

Referring to both an activity and a type of audio equipment. Typically it encompasses the production or reproduction of sound for an audio and offering unrivaled audio processing performance..

The ‘pro audio’remains our core business and main area of expertise. Our know-how spans design, installation, and maneuvering of sound systems anywhere our clients need them and however complex the setting – be it in theaters, houses of worship, conference halls, stadiums, pubs and nightclubs, TV and radio stations, or high-tech homes.

DJ Equip

Turntables, mixers, speakers, CD players, lighting mixers and lighting effects – whatever a DJ needs, we supply. We carry some of the best gear available on the market to satisfy the needs of DJ’s, whether they are beginners fumbling with buttons or nimble-fingered professionals.

Automation & Control

Our expertise allows us to design and implement advanced control and automation systems. We provide total solutions in integration and control of audio and video applications for private residences and commercial venues.

Hi-Fi AV

We have long established ourselves as market leaders and innovators in the field of Hi-Fi Audio and Video. We are reputed for providing turn-key solutions in high-end Hi-Fi entertainment for any size home, from small apartment to royal mansions passing through luxury homes.

We study, design, execute our projects and follow up with our clients to ensure their full satisfaction.

PA & Evacuation Systems

We only use the world’s leading products in the design and installation of public address and evacuation systems, down to the smallest bolts and wires. Our full range of public address systems includes single zone, speech and/or music, and large complex multi-zone systems, while our evacuation systems are designed and implemented  to meet the strict regulations of the highest international safety standards(such as NFPA and BS).

This solution is mainly used in airports, shopping malls, retail  outlets, theatres, conference halls, stadiums, hotels, pubs and nightclubs, governmental buildings, medical AV

Dynamic Lighting

We carry the full range of necessary material and equipment for any entertainment and architectural lighting – we have the tools, the equipment, the trussing material, and all kinds of accessories. We can light anything, from shopping mall, to stage and theater, from home to fountain to garden and swimming pool, from hotel to restaurant and even a landmark construction or monument. We can design, install, and keep up the maintenance on any project or any size.

Video & Display

We can satisfy the needs of the most versatile client base: business, retail outlet, shopping mall, movie theater, hotel, luxury home, or simple house will each find the right visual solution for any type of application. Our top of the line, world- renowned international brands offer professional and entertainment LCD projectors, mobile and fixed screens, and LCD and Plasma monitors.

Educational AV

We make learning a true interactive experience. Our intelligent classroom line of products includes interactive boards that make sharing and interaction between teachers and students a fun, stimulating touch away. We also provide and install all the necessary equipment for language laboratories and classroom voting systems.

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